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 What to expect during a consultation session

  •  You will be emailed a link to a screen sharing session with the CollegeInvest staff.

  •  The staff will use your inputs (see below) to load the Go/No Go Tool.

  •  The staff will discuss the tool's outputs and explain how these metrics create a profile of the risks and viability of your college plan. The exercise is not intended to produce a definitive answer regarding a plan but is intended to identify significant disconnects between costs & benefits and risks & returns.

  •  You will receive a copy of the final version of the tool.

Set an appointment for a session and be prepared to provide the following inputs:

1.      Annual tuition

2.      Annual Room & Board

3.      Anticipated starting salary during first year after graduation 

4.      Anticipated salary during the 10th year after graduation 

5.      Anticipated monthly living expense year 1 thru 9 after graduation

6.      Anticipated monthly living expense year 10 and beyond

  • Items 1&2 should be known amounts. Items 3 & 4 are anticipated compensation levels associated with careers or industries and sourced from professional contacts or public sites like, Items 5 & 6 are derived from personal experiences and published data.

  • An emphasis should be placed on jobs and required places of residence, e.g.; investment bank analyst and New York City or software designer and San Francisco. Exact amounts are not critical, instead;  amounts within a relevant range are sufficient for application in the session.

1 Std.

*The charge will show up on your bill as Malibu Native Partners LLC